Success Stories

We transform the security of the biggest and best companies by protecting their digital assets and securing their transactions, digital documents and document management processes.

This means they will save time, money and resources while contributing to the environmental sustainability of our planet by reducing paper usage.


Learn more about some of our success stories:

We implemented the largest digital signature platform in Colombia. More than 1,100,000 digital certificates have been issued by DIAN to Colombians who have used electronic signatures in their tax returns.

Over 1,100,000 users

Nearly 2000 financial entities perform high-value operations with the Banco de la República de Colombia (the Colombian central bank). They use our technology for signing documents, data encryption, timestamps and strengthening the authentication of users and devices.

Protecting 2000 financial entities

For Deceval (the centralized deposit of securities of Colombia) we developed an electronic signature solution for promissory notes in digital format. This meant that promissory notes are treated as a non-physical security asset allowing automatic processes to be carried out on them. Using our solution, Deceval became the pioneer in electronic transactions associated with the promissory note. 

10,000 promissory notes signed per day with our solutions


“In Colciencias, we are in a policy of reducing the consumption of paper and with the aim of becoming an increasingly environmentally responsible entity. We have chosen the electronic signature solution Netco Signer, because it provides an easy integration with different document systems and the signature mechanisms offered by this technology are safe and user friendly.”

Engineer. Diego Emilio Ojeda / Director Sistemas Colciencias / Feb 2016