Three simple steps that will save yur business time and money

1. We verify and validate the identity of the signer.

From their digital device the signer takes a photo of his I.D. and his identity is verified instantly.

2. We will help you generate your own signing processes.

For each signer we issue a digital certificate, the most secure mechanism for any digital signature and the only seal that will allow you to validate the signature within the document.

3. Authentication and signing of the document.

The digital signature is the safest way to sign documents. It can only be created by its owner and is therefore under their exclusive control.


Environmental sustainability

With our signatures your business processes will be clean and efficient, protecting your reputation and helping your company be environmentally responsible.


Enjoy easy integration with your other business platforms using our API connectors, either webservices or Iframe. Our API also enables all authentication and signature verification operations.

Easy to use

We make your life easier. Sign your documents from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Electronic signature security

Our mass electronic signatures prevent fraud by capturing the biometric traces of a handwritten signature. A chronological stamp or timestamp is linked for added security.



Connects your corporate systems based on signature and signer identification.

Suitable for any type of contract

It has been designed to sign any type of contract that needs to be signed.

Sign your contracts from an app

We deliver an app that allows you to add your company’s logo, so that your customers can validate any document, anywhere and at any time.

Sign PDF documents

Our electronic signature can be used in PDF documents, without changing the file format.

Templates for signing documents

Manage your signature templates from our platform so any user can fill them out quickly and easily.

Digital certificates with your name, company and job title

Generate your own signature credentials for employees, customers or suppliers so you can easily and securely use the digital signature in any...

Mass signing of documents

With one click you can sign multiple documents.

Signatures with biometric authentication

Avoid fraud by signing your documents with biometric authentication and incorporating your handwritten signature or fingerprint for extra...

Law and safety regulations

Complies with the regulations of the New European Digital Certification Regulation (Digital Certification in the Cloud published on April 3, 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union).

On-site use complies with each country’s own regulations and is a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) business platform that enables electronic and digital signatures by issuing digital certificates and timestamps for your company.

Signatures made with the ‘Certificate’ or ‘Sign with Certificate’ options comply with the data protection standards specified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

These signatures comply with the advanced electronic signature standard PDF (PADES) and with the electronic format XADES, normally used for electronic invoice signatures.

We also offer the option to change the default signature format to a CADES format. This option complies with Part 3 of the standard (PADES) and with timestamp capability and native compatibility for long-term signature validation.