Electronic signature for business enterprise

The perfect solution for your company

Our solutions enable electronic signatures and digital signatures in all processes and operations required by your company. We can connect your business systems with your information and billing systems, CMRs, webpages, intranet, document management services or any other system that generates a document that needs to be signed. Our solutions are designed to be easily used by employees, customers and suppliers.


Easy to use

We make your life easier. Sign your documents from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Electronic signature security

Our mass electronic signatures prevent fraud by capturing the biometric traces of a handwritten signature. A chronological stamp or timestamp is linked for added security.

Environmental sustainability

With our signatures your business processes will be clean and efficient, protecting your reputation and helping your company be environmentally responsible.


The digital signature offers the highest levels of security with cryptographic technology that protects the identity of each signer and the authenticity of every document.


Graphic signatures

We integrate traditional ways of signing into our technology so you can quickly and efficiently sign any digital document.

Templates for signing documents

Manage your signature templates from our platform so any user can fill them out quickly and easily.

Digital certificates with your name, company and job title

Generate your own signature credentials for employees, customers or suppliers so you can easily and securely use the digital signature in any...

Law and safety regulations

The electronic signature in your country has the same legality as a handwritten signature as long as it complies with the requirements established...

Easy implementation and integration

Ease of use and its ability to integrate with other enterprise systems through Web Services API or iframe.

Mass signing of documents

With one click you can sign multiple documents.

Signatures with biometric authentication

Avoid fraud by signing your documents with biometric authentication and incorporating your handwritten signature or fingerprint for extra...

Strong authentication

Protect your signature with robust mechanisms: fingerprint, pins and/or single-use codes, and secure dual-channel authentication.

Digital signature verifier

Signed documents can be validated anytime, anywhere with Acrobat Reader or using our signature verifier.

Corporate electronic stamp

For greater security, our signature allows can seal every sheet of signed documents.

Signatures with timestamps

The content of the documents is protected with a chronological stamp so that it is not altered overtime without you permission.

Multiple signatures in one document

You will be able to sign every sheet of your documents as many times as you require.


Our signatures comply with the decrees 1074 of 2015 and 2364 of 2012 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia and with the regulations of the New European Regulation of Digital Certification (Digital Certification in the Cloud published on April 3, 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union).