Law and safety regulations

For instance complies with decrees 1074 of 2015 and 2364 of 2012 of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia.


Complies with the regulations of the New European Digital Certification Regulation (Digital Certification in the Cloud published on April 3, 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union).


On-site use complies with each country’s own regulations and is a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) business platform that enables electronic and digital signatures by issuing digital certificates and timestamps for your company.


The documents you sign in Colombia may have digital certificates issued by entities endorsed by ONAC. In other countries, you will have the certifications issued by public recognition entities.


Signatures made with the ‘Certificate’ or ‘Sign with Certificate’ options comply with the data protection standards specified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).


These signatures comply with the advanced electronic signature standard PDF (PADES) and with the electronic format XADES, normally used for electronic invoice signatures.


We also offer the option to change the default signature format to a CADES format. This option complies with Part 3 of the standard (PADES) and with timestamp capability and native compatibility for long-term signature validation.