Netco Signer: Tecnología verde al cuidado del planeta

Contribuye a la sostenibilidad con una política de cero papel y más árboles.

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Enviromental Sustainability

We promote the social responsibility of our customers through eco-innovation. Our clients, like all our services and solutions, do not use paper. So, when your company switches to our solution, you will contribute to the sustainability of the planet by reducing the emissions and your carbon footprint.

La firma electrónica ayuda a reducir el nivel de consumo de recursos naturales.

Nowadays, respect for the environment and commitment to sustainability are determining factors when forming any business relationship. 

In Netco Signer we developed digital signature solutions for any type of business, inspired by this growing need for protecting the environment. We promote environmental preservation allow your company to reduce costs to the business and to the environment by reducing the need for resources that are not eco-friendly like ink, printer maintenance and excessive use of paper.

Likewise, by digitally signing your business, you will not only reduce the use of paper, but also contribute to the reduction of energy consumption, carbon emissions and other forms of pollution , and, of course, to the indiscriminate felling of trees.

Our environmental commitment is based on a policy of zero paper usage. So, we seek to reduce negative environmental impact, reduce unnecessary costs for your company, promote teleworking, and generally improve the quality of life of your employees, customers and suppliers.

Netco Signer – more time to live.