Signatures with timestamp


What is the validity of the last contract you signed? What is the issue date of the invoices you send to your customers? For any online operation involving a document with a signature, it is essential to know the date and time it was signed to avoid adulterations.


At Netco Signer, we ensure the integrity of your documents with a qualified timestamp provided by a competent authority that guarantees and proves that the data in the document has not been altered. Timestamps protect your documents by recording their use and ensuring the validity of the time and place it was stamped.


In this way, the signatures of your digital operations will be protected, guaranteeing the transparency and reliability in your employees, suppliers and clients.


The timestamp protects documents by integrating their use with the service provided by the public certification authority or the time stamp authority.


We also offer the option of changing the default signature format to a CADES format. This option complies with Part 3 of the standard (PADES) and with timestamp capability and compatibility for long-term signature validation.


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