Graphic signatures

Graphic signatures

Traditionally the signature has been associated with the handwritten graphic form. With the Netco Signer signature platform, this graphical signature can be converted into an electronic signature.

The electronic signature captures the user’s handwritten signature, using it as biometric evidence with unique personal information. This means it is equivalent to a signature made by a person on paper, only that instead of signing paper you can use a signature pad, tablet, or captures the signature made on paper with a cell phone camera.

The most secure option is the signature pad as it records more information and holds more precise data on the thickness and speed of the signature. The signature pads that best fit our platform are NaturaSign Pad Classic, NaturaSign Pad Mobile (ideal for travel) and the DuraSign Pad Brilliance. 

The digital signature is even more secure because it comes with a digital certificate that guarantees the document has not been modified. This certificate is official and issued by an institution that validates the signature and identity of the signer. The graphic signature will remain inside the document, protected with timestamps and the certificate.

The digital signature is truly an advanced electronic signature since, in addition to providing biometric security, it is based on public key cryptography systems include Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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