Identity verification service

Our solution allows your customers to register and validate their identity quickly and easily with any smartphone or tablet. So they will no longer have to endure long queues or complex procedures to provide their data, register and verify their identity.


  • Barcode and data extraction from the character reading area (MRZ)
  • Identification validation
  • Ownership corporate reporting (OCR)
  • Counterfeit document detection

  • Live test before biometric capture
  • Facial recognition


  • Verify identity in real time from anywhere and with any device
  • Enjoy a fully automatic solution that does not require manual manipulation of documents
  • Records data without errors
  • Easily integrates into your business systems
  • Reads and processes all document fields

Efficient and easy:

  1. Open the app, locate your identity document and frame it with your device’s camera
  2. Do the same with the back of your document
  3. Click the ‘Validate’ button.

Your document is validated just like that!