Imagine your company has printed documents, contracts, authorisations, balance sheets or any other confidential signed writing are manipulated, corrupted or lost. This could threaten your reputation and damage your profits. 

With the Netco Signer digital signature platform you don’t have to worry. Any document you sign will be confidential and protected from malicious alterations, because all our signatures are backed up with a timestamp that shows the exact moment it was signed.

Our system is secure and records the identity of the person who has signed, meaning you are safe from fraud and impersonation.

These are the main advantages that the Netco Signer platform brings alongside security and peace of mind for your business:

  • It verifies the identity of the signer, registering the handwritten signature trace that corresponds with the electronic one.
  • It has a chronological stamp or timestamp to avoid future adulterations.
  • Your signature processes will always comply with the legal regulations of your country.
  • Signed documents can be easily validated using a PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader.
  • Access is secure and can be controlled via cell phone, pins, single-use codes or using QR codes.

We can provide you with reliable technology for the signing of documents, which has the legal validity that your business needs. We are the right ally for the security of your company.

Netco Signer – more time to live.

  • The advanced digital signature offers the highest levels of security with cryptographic technology that protects the identity of each signer and the authenticity of every document.
  • By using an encryption system that protects signatures and data it certifies any document and identifies, in a secure way, the position and identity of the person carrying out the procedure.
  • Signed documents can be validated using a PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader.
  • The certificates can be issued from your chosen administrator to any high executives your need to sign documents for your company.